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The quantum coaching academy

Your ideal certification program to help you grow exponentially as a coach to facilitate faster, longer lasting, more profound breakthroughs for your clients. 

Grow exponentially as a coach to facilitate faster, longer lasting, more profound transformations for your clients. 

Manifesting max impact mastermind

This mastermind is exclusively for online coaches and entrepreneurs who are ready to seriously scale and build an empire from a place of flow and alignment and truly be the change they wish to see in the world. 



Relaunching in July 2021
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1:1 Coaching / VIP breakthrough day

For the women who is serious about taking her life and business to the next level.  My 1:1 coaching and VIP breakthrough days are based on my proven Transformation Method: Release, Rewire, Receive and NLP. The experience is personalized to your life or business, or BOTH! It is all connected. Are you ready to step into the Badass Manifester you know you were born to be? 

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"When I first met with Ashley, I was a corporate slave looking for freedom. I was completely stuck in my own mind and in my own way. I thought I wasn’t worthy to have the life I dreamed of. Through our sessions, I learned so much about myself and about my mission. I have now quit my corporate job and am helping other women do the same! I could never thank Ashley enough for giving me the guidance, knowledge, and self-awareness I have gained through our sessions."