Important information below!
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Important information below!
I can't wait to connec, please read below for more important information.


Before the Interview:

  1. We will email about podcast topic and questions. Please note that some questions may be removed or added as we flow through natural conversation, but your interview should take no longer than one hour.

  2. The interview will be done through Zoom. You should have received a confirmation email with a Zoom meeting link through your booking confirmation. You will receive another one about an hour before the podcast interview time.

  3. Please make sure that you are using Zoom on your computer as using Zoom on your phone will result in lower audio quality. Please also make sure you are wearing headphones while we chat!

  4. Please make sure that your external microphone is turned on and that your sound is up - you'll want to be able to hear me as I ask questions and converse with you!

  5. Please send me over a headshot that I can use for the episode graphics and promo materials.

During the Interview:

  • Try to find a private, quiet space for the interview. Interviews work best if we don't have to pause for interruptions or adjust for sound interference.

  • Speak loudly and clearly towards your computer/ mic - I will let you know if you need to speak up a bit!

  • Relax and just be you! You were selected because of your inspiring story and awesome personality - so you've already kicked ass. Don't stress!

After the Interview:

  • Please note that the interview will be edited for sound interference and pauses, and may be trimmed down to fit the time constraints.

  • I will send you an email when the episode goes live with information on how you can access it and share it with your community!

       I can't wait to chat!